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New Releases ~

Due June 2015

Signals From Malibu
A new album named after the strange radio signals coming from underwater near Malibu - see my review of Signals From Malibu

Due December 2014

Calling From A Star - The Merrell Fankhauser Story
Merrell's autobiography published by Gonzo Multimedia


Coming up in July and August 2011 are the following:

The Best Of
A two disc set of 32 songs covering Merrell's career from 1964 to the present day. Includes some unreleased and some newly recorded songs.

Return to Mu
A CD and DVD set that includes the excellent Return to MU album (previously released in 2000) plus the documentary of the same name that Merrell made with William E McEuen. The documentary looks at all aspects of Merrell's career.

Tiki Lounge
Volumes 1 and 2 contain six episodes from Merrell's cable TV show. Each volume includes an additional CD of songs taken from the show, as well as a few unreleased songs.

All these titles are being released by Gonzo Multimedia -


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