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My name's Steve and I'm a Beefheartaholic.
I began these pages as a way of pulling together various bits and pieces I'd written about Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band. It then began to grow as I added the separate site about ex-Magic Band guitarist, Jeff Cotton; and, in a sideways development, I've added a site about the legendary Merrell Fankhauser

... here's what's on my pages so far ...
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Link to Whistlin Hollow Some writings about
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - plus live show setlists


An appreciation of musician
Jeff Cotton, from The Exiles to MU


The story of legendary singer songwriter, Merrell Fankhauser.
(A work in progress!)

My blog about the confusing world of collecting Donald McGill postcards (note: this is on a separate site)


What's New


March 2020
Some updates to the Space Blues pages - MU Part 2: Freefall - and to the list of Magic Band reunion shows - The Magic Band reunion shows

January 2018
Some updates to the Calling From A Star pages to include the new CD release from Merrell Famkhauser New Releases

November 2017
Some minor updates to the Space Blues pages - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band and MU Part 2: Freefall

21 August 2017
Not been many updates for a while due to my hosting company deciding not to support ftp uploading anymore. It would have helped if they had told me that this was going to happen instead of leaving it to me to suddenly find I can't access the site!! No marks for customer service and communication for them. I've been deciding whether to kick them into touch or not. If I do it means all the palaver of finding another host, moving all the files etc., etc., or I can stick with them and work with the online solution they now provide. I can't really be arsed with the former which leaves me one option....

13 June 2015
Updates to the Merrell Fankhauser pages including a review of the Signals From Malibu album.

29 October 2014
RIP Jim Ferguson. Sad to hear that Merrell & The Exiles bass player Jim Ferguson has died suddenly after a heart attack. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

September - October 2014
I've been doing a lot of general updating of setlists for the live concerts I have listed.

29 April 2013
Updated the listing for The Magic Band reunion shows that have been recorded including full setlists

26 June 2011
Added details of a bunch of new releases from Merrell Fankhauser - find out more

9 January 2011
Rewritten a few pieces of Space Blues after being contacted by former Exiles drummer Danny Martin

18 December 2010
RIP Don van Vliet ... the world is poorer without you. My short tribute is on the Radar Station blog

Information added about a recording which has just surfaced of the Helsinki 1975 show by Don and the Magic Band

14 August 2010
Updated some setlists of Beefheart shows. Some omissions were pointed out to me by Brainpang, to whom I'm grateful

2 April 2010
Added a scan of the decorated inner sleeve for the UK version of the first MU album.

1 March 2009
Some additions to Merrell's discography

January 2009
I've changed my site host so the Frogseye site has been moved lock, stock and stylesheet to its new patch on the web ... now with its own url www.frogseye.co.uk ... hope you found it okay!

1 January 2009
I've added a new section listing all the Magic Band Reunion shows that are circulating plus their setlists. I've also added setlists for the Bongo Fury tour shows too.

30 December 2007
Apart from some tinkerings with the Beefheart shows setlists (which I've not bothered to list here) I've not really done much to these pages for a while...

However, I've just finished making a few large additions to Jeff Cotton's story - thanks to some recent emails from someone who knew him in the late 60s. I've also tidied up and added detail to the MU discography too.

2 May 2006
Added links to an interview with Art Tripp I conducted and an obituary of Alex St Claire I've written. These can be found here. Updated the live concerts list with setlist for the 1969 Amougies show. See list of live Beefheart shows

19 March 2006
I've been editing some of the text in Space Blues. Added a new page with a bunch of stills from a piece of rare footage showing MU playing live. Also added a cracking picture of Jeff Cotton on stage in 1968 at the Rome Pop Festival - it's on the Space Blues index page

25 November 2005
Added a short piece I've written called The Challenge of Trout Mask Replica.

31 July 2005
Added a another photograph of The Exiles on stage taken in 1964 on the Exiles live page; also added information about the 5 Hours Back vinyl issue of Fapardokly on Merrell's discography page. Some updates to the list of live Beefheart shows

24 April 2005
Nothing new I'm afraid, just a note to show these pages aren't neglected ... I haven't had much spare time to do any work on them apart from a few additions and corrections to some of the Beefheart live show setlists.

21 August 2004
Some updates to the list of live Beefheart shows

07 January 2004
I've been tinkering with the text of Space Blues - several pages but mainly those about MU. I've also added a new page of scans of publicity adverts for Exiles record releases.

11 December 2003
An update to the interview with Greg 'Ellaguru' Davidson (see below).

23 August 2003
I've added an interview I did with Greg 'Ellaguru' Davidson several years ago. Greg was guitarist in the Knebworth/Roxy 1975 Magic Band.

06 July 2003
Following up their release of Mu's first album the Akarma label have now issued Mu's 'The Last Album' (on CD for the first time), while Merrell's 'Return To Mu' has been reissued on CD by Sundazed.

11 May 2003
- added a new section 'Calling From A Star' which looks at the lengthy career of Merrell Fankhauser and the many bands he's been involved with over the years - the Impacts, the Exiles, Fapardokly, HMS Bounty, MU, Fankhauser/Cassidy Band. I'll be working on this over the coming months and (hopefully) adding new content on a regular basis.

14 February 2003
- just a piece of news. It seems that Merrell Fankhauser's 1978 reworking of the Mu song 'Calling From A Star' has been picked up by several radio stations in the US and is being played as a tribute to the astronauts lost on the recent Columbia shuttle tragedy.

15 December 2002
- a few more amendments and additions to the Beefheart Blues Roots information. I've also added setlists to many of the shows on my tape list.

14 September 2002
- A piece of sad news has reached me concerning the tragic death of former Exiles and MU bass player, Larry Willey. More info here

This is the last time I fiddled about with this page:  1 January 2009