Don with some cool glasses in an Anton Corbijn photo.I thought these pages would be a good place to pull together the various pieces I have written about Don, the Magic Band and their music.  So here they are.  I hope to keep adding to this list.

Through The Eyes Of Magic by John French
My review of the most important book to have been written about Beefheart, the man and his music, so far. Read about it on the Radar Station

Don Van Vliet and Agostinho Rodrigues
Don often mentioned working with a sculptor when he was very young but there seemed to be very little evidence about his claims ... until now. Read about what I have found put about this elusive sculptor on the Radar Station

The search for Herb Bermann
The co-writer of many songs on 'Safe As Milk' but considered by some people not to be a real person at all. The mystery has now been solved. Read about my search for him on the Radar Station

Don Van Vliet RIP
My short tribute to Don after hearing of his death due to complications from multiple sclerosis.

Alex St Claire Snouffer Obituary
A look at Alex's life and career following his sudden death at the beginning of 2006 written for the Radar Station. I also wrote a shorter piece that appeared in Mojo 148

The Challenge of Trout Mask Replica
The album that defined the Beefheart sound - but it's a hurdle many people find difficult to get over.

My Smile is Stuck
How the obsession started - this is on the excellent Radar Station

The Spotlight Kid at the Crossroads
My contribution to ezine Perfect Sound Forever's Beefheart Special

Mirror Man
Some thoughts on this awesome album.  Originally written for Bill Moore's ClearWebSpot
but I've slightly updated it and now decided to include it within my own pages.

Radar Station Discography
I maintain the discography and bibliography on the Radar Station. This is a huge resource that includes information about all Beefheart's album releases, Magic Band members, bootlegs etc., etc.


Don circa Ice Cream for CrowLocarno Ballroom, Stevenage 1973
My first live exposure to the Magic Band.  This was written for the Beefheart fanzine's special "Blimp Over Europe #1" issue, and is also included on the detailed Beefheart Timeline site. I have now rewritten it.

Friars Club, Vale Hall, Aylesbury 1975
My third and, sadly, my last Magic Band gig. This was written for the yet
unpublished "Blimp Over Europe #2"

Which Way Does the Dust Blow?
Where does all that dust come from?

Stomping the Floppy Boot
Try this quiz for size


Don on stage in 1972 Interview with Eric Klerks
The Magic Band Reunion's guitar player talks about playing this amazing music. This is on the Radar Station

Interview with Jerry Handley
The Magic Band's original bass player gives a rare interview. This is on the Radar Station

Interview with Art Tripp
The marimba man and drummer extraordinaire talks about his time in the Magic Band and Mallard. This is on the Radar Station

Interview with Moris Tepper
Originally conducted for the Beefheart fanzine 'Steal Softly Thru Snow' in May 2000 to coincide with the release of Moris's excellent CD 'Moth to Mouth'

Blues Roots of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
What blues songs have cropped up one way or another in Don's music.

Interview with Greg Davidson
A short but interesting interview with the guitarist from the Knebworth/Roxy 1975 Magic Band.

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