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Discography ~
2000 to date

Merrell Fankhauser and Friends
2000 German CD Altrichter Music AM310557

That's Alright Mama; Blues Medley; Born On The Bayou; Red House; Boppin' The Blues; Only A Woman; Real Gone Baby; Dog Gone Blues; Mystery Song; Swiney Eyelow; Back This Way Again; Workin' In The City; Goin' Down The Grade; Movin' Man

Includes John Cipollina on the 1983 recordings of That's Alright Mama and Blues Medley; and Nicky Hopkins from 1991 on Born On The Bayou, Red House and Boppin' The Blues.

Goin' Back To Delta
2000 Japan CD Captain Trip Records CTCD224

Hot Night In Louisville; Milk Cow Blues; Who Shout The Lightnin'; Goin' Back To Delta; Stolen Guitar Blues; Brian Berry Blues; Psychedelic Dreams; Cosmic Lady; Wild Gyrations; What's Wrong; Voodoo In The Jungle; Cassidy's Big Beat

Return To MU
2000 Japan CD Captain Trip Records CTCD237
2000 German CD Lance Records CD l-4002
2003 US CD Sundazed Records SC 11088

Mystical Land; Waterfall; On Our Way To Hana; Pictures Of The Past; The Unknown Writer; Queen Mu; Mother Sea; Beckoning Maiden; Polynesian Dream; Time Travellers; Prospectors Moon; Goin' Down To Atlantis; The Land Of Mu; Under A Maui Moon; Matthew's Dream; Lodru's Mu Chant; The Mothership; Mu Rainforest

Visitor From 2000AD (Merrell & The Haiku Band)
2000 CD American Sound [no number]

The Elders Return; Under A Maui Moon; Ancient Song; Beyond The Rainbow; Into The Crater; Peahi Jaws; Rabbit Is Gone; Back In '97; Dolphins Cry; Visitor From 2000 AD

The Man From MU
2001 Italy CD Horizons Records HZ003
2001 Italy 2LP Horizons Records HZ003

Calling From A Star: Dharmic Connection; Lost Continent Blues; Alien Talk; Jungle Lo Lo Band; Is Love An Illusion; Windy Day; I've Got No Worries; Lonely Nina; Homesick Hawaiian Blues; Mu Plays Hana; The Wind Cried Maui; Unexpected Journey; Visitor From 2000 AD

Favorite Oldies
2003 CD Ocean Records ORCD4

Tropical Heat (Merrell & Yoriko)
2003 Japan CD Captain Trip Records CTCD409

Tropical Heat; Nawilliwilli With You; Beautiful Kauai; Hanalei Moon; Where Does The Rain Come From; Song By A Nightingale; La Perouse; I've Got No Worries; Homesick Hawaiian Blues; Blue Hawaii; Yoriko; Island Life; Fair Winds Blowin

Rockin and Surfin
2003 CD Ocean Records ORCD-010
2004 CD Captain Trip Records CTCD489

Rockin And Surfin; Johnny B Good; All Along The Watchtower; Wild Gyrations; Beach Boogie; San Ho Zay; Sukiyaki; Surfin 101; La Perouse; Pipeline; Baja; Last Wave At Hanalei

Stolen Guitar Blues (The Fankhauser Cassidy Band)
2007 CD JKS World JKSW 001

Long Rifle; Stolen Guitar Blues; Just Like Papa Told Me; No Missing Numbers; Into The Crater; Randy California Interview

A Fankhauser Cassidy Band CD dedicated to Randy California and Larry Willey

Live on Maui and California (Merrell Fankhauser and Friends)
2009 CD Omom Music RBKB16

That's Alright; Blues Medley - Got Me Runnin'/ Spider And The Fly; Waterfall; Into The Crater; Ancient Song; Only A Woman; Mystery Song; Swiney Eyelow; Back This Way Again; Workin' In The City; Goin' Down The Grade; Movin' Man

The Whole Day Ahead Of Us
2008 CD JKS World JKSW004

The Whole Day Ahead Of Us; We Love Tikis; Longboards & Cool Cars; A Lomg Time Ago; Two Vegetarians; Homesick Hawaiian Blues; Song By A Nightingale; Journey's End; Goin' To Mt Zion; Magic Chorus Line; It's A Sunny Day; Fair Winds Blowin'

Move To Higher Ground
2009 CD Music Maniac Records MMCD 076

Move To Higher Ground; Ballad Of Fapardokly; Maui Wowie; Angels Wings And Fairy Tales; Feelin OK; Somewhere In My Heart; Time To Move Around; Bountys Booty; Love Sick; A Secret; I Landed On The Mainland; Rock And Roll Fever

After 40 years Merrell records with Fapardokly drummer Dick Lee and Bill Dodd, guitarist with Fapardokly and HMS Bounty

When Merrell Met Jane
2010 CD Ocean Records ORCD20

Fallen; When Merrell Met Jane; Tropical Heat; Is Love An Illusion; Lonely Nina; Chelsea; Blue Hawaii; Can't Help Falling In Love; Don't Let Me Down; I Love How You Love Me; Love Is All There Is; Jane

A album of romantic songs inspired by Merrell's new love

The Best Of ...
2011 UK 2CD Gonzo Multimedia HST074CD

Disc 1 - Too Many Heartbreaks; She's Gone; Lila; Supermarket; Drivin' Sideways On A One Way Street; Girl I Am Waitin' For You; I Am Flying Home; The Clouds Went That Way; One More Day; The Land of Mu; Blue Jay Blue; On Our Way To Hana; Garden In The Rain; Make A Joyful Noise; Dharmic Connection; Some Of Them Escaped It All

Disc 2 - Calling From A Star; Alien Talk; Matthew's Dream; Waterfall; Who Can You Call?; Workin' In The City; Flying To Machu Picchu; Goin' South; Queen Mu; Haiku Jam; Tale of Misty Mountain; Move To Higher Ground; Two Vegetarians; Surfin Pismo; When Merrell Met Jane; Tiki Lounge.

An album of tracks selected by Merrell covering his career from 1964 to date

Area 51 Suite
2012 UK CD + DVD Gonzo Multimedia HST101CD

Disc 1 - CD - Area 51; Signals From Zoran; Stardazed; Bimini Road; Catalina USO; Crash Landing; Aliens In The Mist; Shadow people; Cocktails In Space; Lost Continent Blues; Alien Talk; Calling From A Star

Disc 2 - DVD (Extra Televisual) - Area 51; Vitina Marcus Interview; Alien Talk; Dr David Jungclaus Interview; Out On The Desert; The Little A'le'Inn; Beyond The Rainbow; Calling From A Star

Signals From Malibu
2014 US CD Single Ocean Records

Signals From Malibu; Messages From The Dome

Signals From Malibu
2014 US CD Ocean Records ORCD-025
2015 UK CD Gonzo Multimedia HST314CD

Signals From Malibu; Malibu Uso; Into The Tunnel; Point Dume; Alien Space Shuttle; Moonlight Interlude; Surfmen From Mu; Mysto Spot; Voice Of The Sea; Message From The Dome

My review of Signals From Malibu

Tiki Lounge Live
2018 US CD Goldenlane Records

1. Merrell - Fair Winds Blowin; 2. The Brymers - Love Of Rock N Roll; 3. Lindsey Ikeno - My Ipo; 4. Tim Fankhauser - Witch Doctor; 5. Merrell - Jungle Lo Lo Band; 6. Merrell - Sweet Janeita; 7. Merrell - Nawiliwili With You; 8. Merrell - Feelin Ok; 9. Merrell & Ed Cassidy - Out Of The Town; 10. Big John - Rockin Country; 11. Merrell - California Cosmic Jam; 12. Merrell - Tiki Lounge;


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