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Discography ~

Back This Way Again
1990 Spain LP Dico Melocoton DM-001
Limited edtion of 1200 numbered copies

Real Gone Baby; Dog Gone Blues; Boppin The Blues; Raining In My Heart; Swiney Eyelow; Workin In The City; Back This Way Again; Movin Man; Is Love An Illusion; Mystery Song; Only A Woman; Goin Down The Grade

Only A Woman was featured in the 1990 movie "Shadows In The Storm" starring Ned Beatty and Mia Sara.

Flying To Machu Picchu
1992 France CD Legend Music LM9002

Flying To Machu Picchu; Going South; Dance With The Inca; Prospectors Moon; Aztec Blue; Quatzalcoatls Dream; The Lost City; Pictures Of The Past; Yucatan; Song Of The Lost Tribes; Seascape Man

California Live
1994 France CD Legend Music LM9007

Second Wind; Wave Snake; Back This Way Again; Oldies Medley; Lucille; Big Surf Drums; Wipe Out; Blues Medley; Born On The Bayou; Red House; Boppin The Blues; Money Hungry Woman; Tequila; Sleep Walk; Movin Man

some live tracks with Nicky Hopkins

On The Blue Road (The Fankhauser Cassidy Band )
1995 CD D-Town Records DCD7

Further On Up the Road; 32-20 Blues; Bright Lights Big City; Excited; Walking the Dog; Louisiana Blues; High Heel Sneakers; Tale of Misty Mountain; Possession Over Judgment Day; On the Blue Road; Nicky's Song

Jungle Lo Lo Band
1995 France CD Legend Music LM9015
with Ed Cassidy, and featuring Nicky Hopkins

Mystical Land; Witch Doctor; Jungle Lo Lo Band; Queen Mu; There Is Peace; I've Got No Worries; Papa Told Me; Alien Talk; Matthew's Dream; Lost Continent; Treasure Of The Inca; Eternal Light; Polynesian Dream

includes former Exiles and Mu member, Larry Willey, vocals and bass on his own composition 'Papa Told Me'

Psychedelic Dreams
1998 US CD Ocean Records

Psychedelic Dreams; Until The Gods Smile; Mu Plays Hana; Lonely Nina; Wild Gyrations; Chelsea; What's Wrong; Homesick Hawaiian Blues; No Missing Numbers; Looking Back; Under A Maui Moon; Ancient Song

Further On Up The Road (The Fankhauser Cassidy Band)
1999 Italy 2CD Akarma Records AK099/2
1999 Italy 2LP Akarma Records AKLP099/2

Further On Up the Road; 32/20 Blues; Bright Lights Big City; Excited; Walking The Dog; Louisiana Blues; High Heel Sneakers; Tale Of Misty Mountains; Possesion Over Judgment Day; On The Blue Road; Nicky's Song; Hot Night In Louisville; Milk Cow Blues; Who Shout The Lightnin; Goin back To Delta; Stolen Guitar Blues; Brian Berry Blues; Cosmic Lady; Voodoo In The Jungle; Cassidy's Big Beat


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Cover of Back This Way Again vinyl album

Flying to Machu Picchu CD cover

California Live CD cover

Jungle LoLo Band CD cover

Further on up the Road CD cover

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