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The Exiles

The Exiles only released five singles whilst the group was together. It is only in recent years that album collections of their recordings have been made available.


Please Be Mine / Too Many Heartbreaks
1964 Glenn 308

Send Me Your Love / Don't Call On Me
1964 Glenn 310

Sorry For Yourself / I Saw Suzie Cryin'
1965 Glenn 313
1965 Interlude 317

Can't We Get Along / That's All I Want From You
1965 Golden Crown GMA-102

Tomorrow's Girl / When I Get Home
1967 Glenn 426

Out In The Desert / Ready To Roll
1989 UK flexidisc Exiliticly/Unhinged U003


The Early Years 1964-1967
1993 US LP American Sound AS-1000

The Early Years 1964-1967
1994 France CD Legend Music LM9006

This CD duplicates the tracks on the American Sound vinyl album but adds a further four rare songs.

Wild in the Desert
2000 Germany LP Lance Records/D.C. Records L-4001

Some Exiles tracks appeared with other Merrell recordings on the Fapardokly album:-

"Sorry For Yourself", "Tomorrow's Girl", "Suzie Cryin'", "Too Many Heartbreaks", "When I Get Home", "Yes I Love You", "Run Baby Run"
1967 US LP Fapardokly


The Exiles also have tracks on these compilations:-

"She's Gone", "Shake My Hand", "Let Me Go", "Please Be Mine", "Pain In My Heart", "Long Long Time", "Remember Me", "Be A Good Neighbour Week"
1997 LP Desert Island Treasures Bacchus Archives/Dionysius Records BA1116
1997 CD Desert Island Treasures Bacchus Archives/Dionysius Records BA1116

"Too Many Heatbreaks"
19?? CD Teen-Age Dreams Vol. 2: 32 fantastic high school rarities from the late fifties & sixties Teenie Weenie Records

"13th Child", "Love Only You", "Over You" (with Little Linda)
2014 Lost In The Desert Ocean Records ORCD024

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Early Years Album cover

Early Years CD cover

Desert Island Treasures album cover

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