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Discography ~

1967 US LP UIP2250

Only 1000 copies of this album were pressed and has, over the years, become very collectable.

1983 US LP Psycho 5

This may have been a bootleg release, but I am unsure about this. Can anyone confirm or deny it?

1986 UK LP 5 Hours Back TOCK003

A completely different cover; a pretty 60s-looking blonde in white with strange colourful surroundings of stained glass. The album is credited to Merrell and Fapardokly is used as the title. There are two great photographs on the back cover, one of The Exiles on stage in 1964 and another of Merrell on stage (dated 1966 although I'm not convinced that's right). Also includes a brief history behind the songs plus a list of all the musicians involved.

1995 US CD Sundazed SC6059

A legitimate release on CD with additional tracks, and sleeve notes by Merrell himself.

2001 Greece LP Fantazia F 2250-12

A bootleg version on 180g vinyl and limited to 500 copies. In classic boot style there are numerous incorrect spellings of people's names and song titles.

Tracks by Fapardokly have also appeared on the following compilations:-

Sundazed Sampler, Vol. 2 (CD);
Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll: The CD (accompanies the book by Richie Unterberger)

"Gone To Pot", "No Retreat"
Echoes In Time, Vol. 1 (LP & CD)

"Gone To Pot"
We Have Come For Your Children (Vernon Joynson/Clark Faville)

"Tomorrow's Girl"
Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-68 (CD)

"The Music Scene" (alternate take w/ spoken intro)
2014 Lost In The Desert Ocean Records ORCD024

HMS Bounty >>


Cover of 5 Hours Back vinyl issue

Cover of Fantazia vinyl issue

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