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HMS Bounty


Things (Goin' Round In My Mind) / Rich Man's Fable
1968 US Shamley S-44006
1969 UK EMI 1122

Girl (I'm Waiting For You) / Flying Home
1969 US Shamley S-44012
1985 UK Cherry Red CHERRY88

The Cherry Red release was issued in a full colour picture sleeve.


1968 US LP Shamley SS701

The full credit says "'Merrell Fankhauser and (His Trusty) H.M.S. Bounty - Whoopee - A Heart Warmin' Lip-Lickin' Foot-Stompin' Mind-Blowin' Pulse-Poundin' Hip-Swingin' Mother Of A Super New Album Called THINGS!"

One of the real collectors' items, considered a lost psychedelic gem with copies exchanging hands for several hundred dollars. Although still collectable the price has steadied with the availability of a compact disc version.

I wonder how many people carried this album around without realising what the picture was on the front cover?

1985 UK LP Cherry Red/Time Stood Still TSSLP2

Includes the original album the single - I'm Flying Home.

1985 Greece LP Music Box
1997 US CD Sundazed SC6094

Includes the original album plus three singles - I'm Flying Home, Everbody's Talkin' and Tampa Run - two of which are not strictly speaking by HMS Bounty.

Things Going Round In My Head
1995 UK CD Afterglow AFT015

This renamed and repackaged version was the first CD available but it may not have been fully legit.

Some tracks have appeared on a compilation:-

"Things", "A Visit With Ashiya"
1988 UK LP Baubles Volume 1- Down To Middle Earth Big Beat Records WIK72

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Things GoingRoundIn My Head CD cover

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