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Discography ~ The Impacts

[note: all releases are US in origin unless otherwise stated]

Wipe Out
1962 LP Del-Fi DFLP1234-2
1994 CD Del-Fi DFCD71249-2

Surfin' 101
1996 CD [full details not known]

Eternal Surf
1997 German CD Gee Dee CD270126-2

Sex Wax & Surf
1998 Japan CD Captain Trip

The Impacts also have tracks on many compilations including these:-

1963 LP KFWB Battle Of Bands Del-Fi DFLP1235
1994 CD KFWB Battle Of Bands Del-Fi DFCD 71235-2

"Kon Tiki"
1963 LP Surf War Sheperd LP1300
1995 CD Surf War Sundazed SC6081

"Blue Surf" & "Wipe" Out"
1963 LP Big Surf Hits Del-Fi DFLP1249
1994 CD Big Surf Hits Del-Fi DFCD71249-2

"Blue Surf", "Fort Lauderdale", "Impact", & "Steel Pier"
1991 UK CD Big Surf Ace Records CDCHD319

"Fort Lauderdale"
1995 CD Pulp Surfin' Del-Fi DFCD70022-2

1995 German CD Surf Fiction Gee-Dee MCD33411

"Shreader", "Switzerland", & "Kon Tiki"
1997 US LP Desert Island Treasures Bacchus Archives/Dionysius Records BA1116
1997 US CD Desert Island Treasures Bacchus Archives/Dionysius Records BA1116

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Wipe Out! CD cover

Surfin 101 CD cover

Eternal Surf CD cover

Sex Wax & Surf CD cover

Cover of Big Surf Compilation CD


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