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Early Years

Born in Kentucky Merrell moved with his family to San Luis Obispo, California in the 1958. His father had played guitar in an amatuer dixieland band and bought the 12 year old Merrell a ukelele. Merrell was soon trying to learn to play the new rock 'n' roll music he heard on the radio, and saved enough money to buy himself his first electric guitar.

He had a part-time job in a local movie theater, and during a break one day he was strumming his guitar and impressed the theater manager enough to get offered the opportunity to perform four songs as part of a travelling 'clown' show that toured the local movie theaters each saturday. And so began Merrell's musical and performing career.

He enjoyed success in a few local talent shows and for a time played guitar in a local Pismo Beach band called the Revels. At one talent show he performed solo and won; causing the runners up, a band called The Impacts, to offer him a place in their band.

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