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Merrell starts off 2018 with a new release - Tiki Lounge Live

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Merrell Fankhauser's been making music consistently for over 50 years; many of his albums are highly sought after by collectors but mainstream success has eluded him until fairly recently.

He has produced music in a number of different genres both solo and with various bands. His musical journey mirrors the changing tastes and styles that marked the radical shift from the 'black and white' world of the 50s to the technicolor 60's and beyond.

These pages are an attempt to pull together Merrell's lengthy career for those other discerning listeners and fans out there who, like me, feel he deserves more recognition for that individual furrow he's been ploughing for so long.

This not an official site but Merrell has been more than helpful with information and for allowing me to use the photographs within these pages. Thanks, Merrell, your help is much appreciated!

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