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The Man From Mu

Sorry! I'm still working on this area. This will look at Merrell's post-MU career; his music as well as his fascination with the ancient legends of the Hawaiian islands.


Finding himself without a band Merrell decided to stay on in Maui with his partner, Mary Lee (the violinist who can be heard on the 1974 Mu recordings). They played music as a duo, meditated, enjoyed the beautiful island life and eventually had a son, Maui Joe.

Still writing prolifically, and with the last Mu recordings no longer available for release Merrell travelled back to Los Angeles to re-record a number of those songs along with some new ones. The resulting album 'Maui' was released in 1976. Although this is an excellent album and obviously more of a solo effort there was still a certain 'Mu-vibe' to it, but without the edgy guitar work from Jeff Cotton.

However, 'Maui' proved to be Merrell's last album for almost a decade. He didn't completely stop recording - there was the excellent single of 'Calling From A Star' with Peter Noone on backing vocals released in 1978 (and credited to 'Murl') - but he found it increasingly difficult to get record companies interested, preoccupied as they were with punk and new wave.

The legend of Mu (the band) and of Merrell was kept alive by a few dedicated fans in the US and in Europe and their 'cult' status steadily grew.

What's Merrell doing these days?

Merrell in the 'Tiki Lounge'Merrell still plays and records whenever he can. In recent years he's been producing a regular cable TV show called 'Tiki Lounge' that he hosts with his partner Yoriko. This is a mix of interviews, tours of the Hawaiian islands interspersed with plenty of music (solo, duets with Yoriko or with a band).

The 'Rockin and Surfin' surf instrumental CD has led to more offers of work in Japan, the US East Coast and Hawaii.

Merrell celebrated his 60th birthday, 23rd December 2003, in style with a 'Birthday Boogie' in the 'Tiki Lounge' with Fito De Laparra (Canned Heat) on bass, Ed Cassidy (Spirit) on drums and and Mary Ramsey from 10,000 Maniacs.


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