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The First Album

(Akarma AK209) 2002

Released by the Italian label, Akarma, that specialises in classic psych recordings this is a 180g vinyl reissue of the first album.

The running order of the original release has been changed and there are four additional tracks included. One More Day, You've Been Here Before and On Our Way To Hana are the remaining tracks released as singles that were not included on this album first time around, plus we also get the Lew Irwin Earth News Interview.

The cover is a very nice textured gatefold with the front being the same as the 1974 United Artists release. The inside has some colour versions of photographs of the band which have appeared in the two double CD collections. There is also a brief history of the band - but it doesn't say who wrote it - plus the text from the United Artists release (which I have already quoted here). There is also an insert that has the 1973 picture of band outside their Maui shack and a map pf the legendary continent of Mu on the reverse.

Overall this is an excellent release, the additional tracks fitting in well and and giving that extra running time. Definitely worth acquiring if you prefer vinyl.


Akarma AK202 Front Cover

Side 1

1. Ain't No Blues
2. Blue Form
3. Too Naked For Demetrius
4. Interlude
5. Mumbella Baye Tu La
6. Eternal Thirst

Side 2

1. Ballad Of Brother Lew
2. Nobody Wants To Shine
3. The Clouds Went That Way
4. Children Of The Rainbow

Bonus Tracks:
5. One More Day
6. You've Been Here Before
7. On Our Way To Hana
8. Earth News Interview


Take a look at the Akarma Records website.


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