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Merrell & the Exiles

The Early Years 1964-1967 (American Sound AS-1000) 1996

This is a limited edition release vinyl album - mine is numbered 20 of 500. The package also included a large poster of the 1964 line-up. Taken from the original tapes, a few of these tracks, Please Be Mine, Don't Call On Me and Send Me Your Love, surfaced as 45s but the rest have not been issued until this American Sound release.  Don't Call On Me featured the first guitar solo ever recorded by Jeff Cotton. 

Yes I Love You, The War and Be A Good Neighbor Week were originally intended for inclusion on the legendary Fapardokly album but were not used, although two of them appeared on the CD reissue.


The Early Years Vinyl Cover

Side 1

Shake My Hand
Let Me Go
Please Be Mine
Don't Call On Me
Send Me Your Love
Pain In My Heart
Let The Time Go By
Run Baby Run

Side 2

Long Long Time
Don't Let Go
Remember Me
She's Gone
The War
Yes I Love You
Be A Good Neighbor Week


Merrell Fankhauser - lead vocal,  guitar
Jeff Cotton - background vocal,  guitar
Jim Ferguson - bass
Greg Hampton - drums
Larry Willey - background vocal, bass

John Day - background vocal, organ
Mark Thompson - guitar, keyboard

Dan Martin -drums Send Me Your Love, Don't Call On Me
John French - drums Yes I Love You, Long Long Time, Don't Let Go

Dick Lee - drums Be A Good Neighbor Week, The War
Bill Dodd - background vocal, guitar Be A Good Neighbor Week, The War
John Oliver - bass Be A Good Neighbor Week, The War


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