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The Balladiers

The Balladiers

Jeff, with guitar, fronts the Antelope Valley High School folk group The Balladiers.

This picture was taken early on in the year (1966), before the line-up of the group settled down to its eight regular members.  

These were Mickey Bragg (right hand side of picture with guitar), Jim Wirz (bass player), Jeff (centre with guitar), Bruce Gardner (between Jeff and Mickey), Pat Baker (blond directly behind Bruce on top row), Chris Simmons (on right of Pat), Sheila Marshall (centered between Jeff and Bruce on second row) and Linda Johnson (on Sheila's right).

The other three in the picture, Carl Fetheroff (behind Jeff and Jim), Warren Cartwright (behind Mickey), and an unidentified girl on the back row didn't continue with the Balladiers.

The group did mostly "folk" style stuff... the main number was the Byrds "He Was A Friend of Mine". Apparently two songs were recorded. The High School choir made a record which was only sold to choir members. The Balladiers were a featured act on it. They did "Bamboo" and "He Was A Friend of Mine".

Thanks to Bruce Gardner for the photograph and information about The Balladiers.


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