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Part 1: 1964 - 1969

Merrell and The Exiles


Please Be Mine / Too Many Heartbreaks
(Glenn 308) 1964
Send Me Your Love / Don't Call On Me
(Glenn 310) 1964
Sorry For Yourself / I Saw Suzie Cryin'
(Glenn 313) 1965
Sorry For Yourself / I Saw Suzie Cryin'
(Interlude 317) 1965
Can't We Get Along / That's All I Want From You
Golden Crown GMA-102) 1965
Tomorrow's Girl / When I Get Home
(Glenn 426) 1967

[more info on singles]


Out In The Desert / Ready To Roll
(Exiliticly/Unhinged U003) 1989
(from UK Music magazine 'Unhinged')


The Early Years 1964-1967
vinyl (American Sound AS-1000) 1993

Limited edition LP of Exiles songs plus some recordings by the Fapardokly band. [more info]

Desert Island Treasures featuring The Impacts, Merrell & The Exiles and more
vinyl (Bacchus Archives/Dionysius Records BA1116) 1997
CD (Bacchus Archives/Dionysius Records BA1116) 1997

A compilation from Merrell Fankhauser of 3 tracks from The Impacts and 8 from The Exiles plus a couple of unrelated items, a track from The Velvetones and a jam featuring legendary guitarist James Burton.

A CD version of the vinyl album compilation listed above. Despite being on CD the cover proudly states "ANALOG IS THE SUPERIOR MEDIUM. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE DIGITAL DECEPTION!"

Wild in the Desert
vinyl (Lance L-4001) 2000

Another compilation but with a couple of interesting tracks not included in the other vinyl releases. [more info]

The Early Years 1964-1967
CD (Legend Music LM9006)

A French CD with 20 tracks, the same as the American Sound vinyl plus 4 extra. [more info]


Fapardokly     [more info]

Jeff was not in this band that Merrell Fankhauser put together around 1966/67 but this release included tracks that had been recorded as The Exiles (as well as another venture called Aldridge, Fankhauser & Lotspeich ) and according to the sleeve notes he does play on some of the tracks.


Fapardokly vinyl (UIP LP 2250) 1967
Fapardokly vinyl (Psycho 5) 1983  -  reissue
Fapardokly vinyl (5 Hours Back Tock 003) 1987  -   reissue
Fapardokly vinyl (Fantazia F 2250-12) 2001  -   reissue; 180g vinyl; 500 copies

Fapardokly CD (Sundazed SC 6059) 1995 - this CD reissue includes all of the original album plus three previously unreleased tracks.


Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

These are the Beefheart releases Jeff was involved with. For a more detailed listing of CB&TMB releases visit The Radar Station


Pachuco Cadaver / Wildlife


Mirror Man (1967; released 1970)
Strictly Personal (1968)
Trout Mask Replica (1969)
I Maybe Hungry But I Sure Ain't Weird (1968; released 1992)
The Dust Blows Forward (compilation)
Grow Fins (compilation)
It comes to you in a plain brown wrapper (1967; released 2008; compilation)

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Part 3: curiosa >>

Part 2: 1970 - 74
Part 3: curiosa




Exiles' "Please Be Mine" single label


Cover of "Out Of The Desert" flexi-disc

Cover of "The Early Years" vinyl

Cover of Desert Island Treasures Vinyl and CD

Cover of "Wild In The Desert" vinyl

Cover of "The Early Years" CD

Cover of the Fapardokly vinyl and CD

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