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Part 3: curiosa

Releases that have a connection to Jeff in some way but are not straightforward recordings by him.


Zea Intro Replica (Belgian CD single Zea on Bang Records) 1993

This Belgian rock band have made a number of references to Captain Beefheart in their music. On this occasion they include a 30 second sample of Jeff's voice from The Blimp(mousetrapreplica) off Trout Mask Replica.


Merrell Fankhauser & The Haiku Band
Rabbit Is Gone (US CD Visitor from 2000AD) 2000

One of several songs on this album that were improvised in the studio. On this particular track Merrell's son, Tim, finished the song with the lyrics:-

"Jeff Cotton said the rabbit is gone"

This relates to an actual incident when Jeff was staying in Canoga Park with Merrell and his then wife and a very young Tim who had a pet rabbit.



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