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The Exiles Live 1964

Thanks to Merrell for sending me this picture of a very early Exiles show at Antelope Valley High School - Danny Stevens on sax is still in the band.

Left to right - Dan Martin or possibly Greg Hampton (can just be glimpsed), Jim Ferguson, Merrell, Jeff and Dan Stevens

Another early show, again from Merrell's collection. This time the venue is the Jayne Reynolds Auditorium.

Left to right - Merrell, Jeff, Jim Ferguson and Dan Stevens (just on the edge of the picture)

The picture below is another shot of the band in 1964 but I don't know which venue this is (could be Jayne Reynolds Auditorium again?)

Left to right - Greg Hampton, Jim Ferguson, Merrell, Jeff

Thanks to Merrell for the following three photographs scanned by John Day taken of The Exiles live on stage in June 1964 at Piute Junior High School Senior Prom.

These are rare photographs as they show Dan Martin sitting in on drums in place of Greg Hampton.

Note the huge 'Exiles' banner behind the stage. Seems to be an all girl audience too!!

Left to right - Dan Martin, Merrell, Jim Ferguson, John Day, and Jeff

John Day, Merrell, Jim Ferguson, and Jeff

Merrell, Jim Ferguson, Jeff, Dan Martin, and John Day


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