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Who WAS in The Exiles?

My original intention was to try to list the members of each incarnation of The Exiles in some sort of chronological order. But this proved nigh impossible with the (often contradictory) information I have! 

So for now here is a straightforward list. Apart from Merrell Fankhauser and Jeff Cotton the following musicians had a part to play in the story of The Exiles:-

John Day
keyboards, backing vocals
Joined in the summer of 1964 along with Danny Martin.

John French
In and out of the band filling in on drums for gigs and in the studio. However, John is doubtful about some of the tracks he has been listed as having some involvement with.

Jim Ferguson
In the original line-up. In the late 70s Jim teamed up with Lancaster musician Denny King in an artist management company - White Tree Management. Jim died suddenly from a heart attack in 2016 shortly after playing bass alongside Merrell Fankhauser for his Tiki Lounge TV show.

Don Giesen
Had a short spell with The Exiles in 1966 before they metamorphosed into The Allusions and then followed Jeff into John French's band, Blues In A Bottle.

Greg Hampton
In the original line-up, but was drafted and didn't return to the area until 1970 when he hardly recognised his old bandmates in MU. Turned up on fellow Lancastrian Denny King's LP Evil Wind Blowing in 1972 along with ex-Magic Band members Doug Moon and Alex St Claire

Dan Martin
Joined in the summer of 1964 replacing Greg Hampton.

Dan Stevens
In the original line-up but soon dropped because the sax was no longer a 'hip' instrument.

Mark Thompson
keyboards, backing vocals

Bruce Urich
Possibly only a member for a recording session.

Larry Willey
Joined Merrell and Jeff in MU but left when the band relocated to Maui. More info

Randy Wimer
Joined Merrell, Jeff and Larry Willey in MU. Moved to Maui with the band but left along with Jeff to join the Christian ministry.

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