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(Sundazed SC 6059) 1995

Fapardokly CD Front Cover

1 Lila
2 The Music Scene
3 Sorry For Yourself
4 Glass Chandelier
5 Tomorrow's Girl
6 Suzie Cryin'
7 Mr Clock
8 Gone To Pot
9 No Retreat


10 Too Many Heartbreaks
11 When I Get Home
12 Super Market

bonus cd tracks:-
13 The War
14 Yes, I Love You
15 Run Baby Run

Fapardokly were Merrell Fankhauser guitar, Bill Dodd lead guitar, John Oliver bass, and Dick Lee drums. The odd name being a combination of their surnames - or rather three of them plus that of Don Parrish, the original bass player.

But even odder is the fact that this band only plays on 3 out of the 12 tracks on the original album, 3 (maybe 4) tracks are by Aldridge, Fankhauser & Lotspeich, and 5 tracks are by Merrell & The Exiles or variants of that band.

The album is therefore a combination of various styles from early 60s beat to soft psychedelia to folk-rock recorded between 1964 and 1967 - Merrell Fankhauser being the only common element linking all the tracks. Despite this the original vinyl album has become an extremely collectable item - a psychedelic classic (apparently only 1000 copies were pressed and not many sold – hence it has become a real collectors’ item. I’ve seen an original sealed copy offered for sale at $500 !!).

The Aldridge, Fankhauser & Lotspeich tracks have a na´ve psychedelic charm to them, while a couple of the Fapardokly cuts are harder edged – one (Gone To Pot) being an instrumental sibling of Eight Miles High.

The CD reissue includes three bonus tracks not released before - one, The War, by the Fapardokly band, another, Run Baby Run, by Merrell & the Exiles and a third, Yes I Love You which Merrell and Don Aldridge put together

Jeff is listed as playing on Sorry For Yourself, Suzie Cryin and Too Many Heartbreaks, all of which were released as singles by Merrell & the Exiles in 1964 and 1965. He is also credited as guitarist on the AFL tracks too although Don Aldridge and Gary Lotspeich do not recall him taking part in those sessions.

The cover of the CD reissue is the same as the original vinyl and the 1967 back cover is also included along with its' ill-advised photograph of the band wrapped in blankets! The CD also includes some sleevenotes by Merrell.

Further information about Fapardokly and this album can be found on my site about Merrell's career - Calling From A Star


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