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Land of MU

(Reckless RECK7) 1988

This is an interesting item.  Only a test pressing of it survives.  It seems to have been originally planned as a three vinyl album set - the two MU albums plus the various remaining tracks from the Maui sessions.  The track listing is the same as that which later appeared on both CD compilation issues, and the notes to accompany it - "MU: The Band From The Lost Continent" written by Merrell - were included in the Sundazed CD issue.  This release was also to include the lyrics to all the songs and possibly some of the sheet music too.

The cover of the album (of the test pressing anyway) is a drawing of Merrell that was originally to be used for the cover of the Fapardokly album but was withdrawn for some reason.

Strangely, there is only one album with this test pressing and the tracks included do not tally with the proposed issue although they are those that would appear in the same order on the single CD compilation released by Reckless (CDReck 4) in that same year, 1988.  And the catalogue number given to Land of MU, Reck 7, was used instead for the vinyl release of End of an Era. All very confusing!

Why were they planning to release a three album set when the first MU album had been issued earlier that year?  Maybe the advent of the CD and the decline of vinyl convinced Reckless that a 3LP retrospective would not be a feasible project?  I bet it would be a very collectible item now if it had been released!


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