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Merrell and The Exiles

The Early Years 1964 - 1967 (Legend LM 9006) 1993

1 Ready to Roll
2 Run Baby Run
3 She's Gone
4 Long Long Time
5 Exiles Blues
6 Don't Let Go
7 Boys
8 Remember Me
9 The War
10 Yes I Love You
11 Be A Good Neighbor Week
12 Pain In My Heart
13 Let The Time Go By
14 Let Me Go
15 Shake My Hand
16 Please Be Mine
17 Don't Call On Me
18 Send Me Your Love
19 Everybody's Talkin'
20 Tampa Run

A very nicely packaged compilation CD from the French Legend Music label complete with picture disc.  The booklet contains a brief history of the band, a picture of Glenn Studios and the lyrics to all the songs.  

As with other Exiles compilations this contains songs that are not strictly speaking Exiles material and are either solo Merrell projects or leftovers from the Fapardokly album.

Sixteen of the tracks on this CD are the same as on the American Sound vinyl release but there are four additional items - Ready To Roll, Exiles Blues, Everybodys Talkin and Tampa Run.

The back cover proclaims the  Exiles as "one of the first surfin' psychedelic band (sic)" ... hmm!


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