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Mu Single Releases

The first single was released in 1971 on the Mantra label (which was the band's own label) and numbered M-101-A / M-101-B. As can be seen the label carried the Lemurian cosmic forces symbol. It coupled two Merrell Fankhauser songs, Ballad of Brother Lew and Nobody Wants To Shine, both of which also appeared on the first album released that same year. The single version of Brother Lew was edited down from 4:00 to 2:45 minutes.

Ballad Of Brother Lew single label

Mu's second single was released in 1972 on what was definitely their own Mu label. One More Day is numbered MS-101 A, and You've Been Here Before as MS-102 B. Both songs are written by Merrell Fankhauser and are produced by Mu.

I have two copies of the single and as can be seen from the scans below one was issued with a dark blue label with a cloud design and another with a plain paler blue label. Both have the distinctive Mu logo.  It's probable that the pale blue label copy is one of a hundred promo copies pressed.

One More Day single with 'clouds' label You've Been Here Before with blue label


The third, and final, single was Merrell Fankhauser's song about a UFO sighting On Our Way To Hana (MS-103 A) recorded in LA after a visit to Maui, backed with Jeff Cotton's instrumental from the first album Too Naked For Demetrius(MS-104 B).  Released in 1973, this was again on the Mu label. My copy has the 'cloud' design - are there any alternatives/promos?

Too Naked For Demetrius with 'clouds' label


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