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Children of the Rainbow

(Blue Form Records BF1) 1985

A limited edition vinyl release from Gregg Breth and his Blue Form Records of possibly only 300 copies ... or, maybe, 1000 copies; either way it's quite a rarity.

It's a selection of the songs recorded on Maui in 1974 plus the Earth News interview, the Odd TV Occurrence piece, and 3 short tracks (Birds, Space Song, Rainbow Instrumental) that have not appeared on any other MU release.

Merrell did some production work on the songs in January 1985 at Emerald City Recording, Grover City, CA.

The front cover has a great atmospheric shot of Merrell, Jeff and Randy in the crater of Halakelea volcano, although the lettering is almost unreadable. The back cover has a fine shot which hasn't appeared elsewhere of, unusually, the whole band playing with the cliffs and sea in the background.

Side One

1. Birds
2. Children Of The Rainbow
3. Merrell Playing With Odd TV Occurrance
4. Calling From A Star
5. I Saw Your Photograph
6. It's Love That Sings The Song
7. The Love We Bare
8. The Awakening

Side Two

1. Daybreak Sunshine
2. Space Song
3. Showering Rain
4. You're Not The Only One
5. Rainbow Instrumental
6. Lew Irwin Interviews MU
7. The Clouds Went That Way



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