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Best of MU

(Reckless Records CDReck 4) 1988

An 18 track single CD compilation split equally between the two MU albums - 9 tracks from each which is all of the first album and side one of End Of An Era.  Has a cover of what? ... an alien perhaps?  There are some very brief notes which are not very enlightening and some press quotes which are of interest.  It's a good collection but has been superceded by the Sundazed and Xotic 2CD sets, although neither of those sets included the Odd TV Occurrence track for some reason.

Front cover of Reckless Records 'Best of MU' CD


1 Ain't No Blues
2 Blue Form
3 Too Naked For Demetrius
4 Interlude
5 Mumbella Baye Tu La
6 Eternal Thirst
7 Ballad Of Brother Lew
8 Nobody Wants To Shine
9 The Clouds Went That Way


10 Land of Mu
11 Waiting For The Sun
12 Haleaka La
13 Children Of The Rainbow
14 Calling From A Star
15 Drink From The Fountain
16 Make A Joyful Noise
17 End Of An Era
18 Odd TV Occurrence


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