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Sources & Further information

Nothing has been written specifically about Jeff and there has not been very much written about The Exiles or MU. I've managed to track most of them down. Anyway here are the written sources I've used plus links to most other sites of interest.


These are the only articles I know of.  If you know of others please contact me.

Note: I have deliberately not included any articles about Beefheart & The Magic Band as there are many already available on the Beefheart sites listed below.

n6 : 1983
Apparently this includes a long article about Merrell. Can anyone send me a copy?

n411 : 26/4/96  Merrell Fankhauser. The man from MU.  David Ciaffardini
A lengthy inteview covering MF's career from The Impacts to date with a discography.

n4 : Sep/Oct 1988 Children Of The Rainbow - the saga of MU(pt. 1). Brian Hogg
n5 : Apr/May 1989 Children Of The Rainbow (pt. 2)

n0 : Spring(?) 1988 The Slow Rise of Merrell Fankhauser
n(?) : Jul/Aug 1988 Merrell Fankhauser - In The Land of Mu.
First part of an interview by Nigel Cross with Merrell in 1985. Also includes reviews of the Reckless Records reissues of 'MU' and 'End of an Era' on vinyl.
n4 : 1989 Out of the Desert - The Exiles
An article based on an interview with Merrell about the Exiles. A flexi-disc of 2 previously unreleased Exiles tracks Out In The Desert and Ready To Roll was included with the magazine.
n5 : Xmas 1989
Small piece about Merrell plus a transcription of the song Calling From A Star


Harkleroad, Bill : Lunar Notes (SAF Publishing 1998)
A fascinating glimpse into the life of the Magic Band.

Barnes, Mike : Captain Beefheart (UK:Quartet 2000; US: Cooper Square Press 2002)
Currently the best overview of Beefheart's career. Jeff, of course, makes an appearance but nothing new about him is included.



For more information on Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band check out all of these excellent sites:

Beefheart Timeline


Radar Station

Merrell Fankhauser has his own website which includes amongst other things an interesting interview with him talking about The Exiles and MU.  Some good photos too:-

Merrell Fankhauser

I have put together a site about Merrell's career which include's additional information about The Exiles and Mu:-

Calling From A Star

Check out Jeff's (and other ex-Magic Band members') old high school:-

Antelope Valley High School



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