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(Sundazed  SC 11037) 1997

Two CD collection. Includes the same tracks as the XOTIC set although Interlude and Too Naked For Demetrius have changed places in the listing.

Eight page booklet has some great photographs plus a short history of the band by Merrell Fankhauser, titled 'The Band From The Lost Continent'.

Sundazed SC11037 Front Cover

Disc 1

(Recorded in California 1971 - 72)

1 Ain't No Blues
2 Ballad Of Brother Lew
3 Blue Form
4 Interlude
5 Nobody Wants To Shine
6 Eternal Thirst
7 Too Naked For Demetrius
8 Mumbella Baye Tu La
9 The Clouds Went That Way
10 You've Been Here Before
11 One More Day
12 On The Way To Hana

Disc 2

(Recorded in Hawaii 1974)

1 The Land Of Mu
2 Make A Joyful Noise
3 Haleakala
4 Blue Jay Blue
5 Showering Rain
6 I Saw Your Photograph
7 It's Love That Sings The Song
8 You And I
9 Calling From A Star
10 Waiting For The Sun
11 Children Of The Rainbow
12 Who Will Write This Song
13 Daybreak Sunshine
14 Drink From The Fountain
15 The Love We Bare
16 In Mu
17 You're Not The Only One
18 End Of An Era
19 Earth News Interview
20 The Awakening


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