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Merrell & the Exiles

Wild In The Desert (Lance L-4001) 2000

Cover oif The Exiles 'Wild In The Desert' album


Side One

Rave On
Please Be Mine
Don't Call On Me
Send Me Your Love
Pain In My Heart
Shake My Hand
Let Me Go
Let The Time Go By


Side Two

Run Baby Run
Long, Long Time
Don't Let Go
Remember Me
She's Gone
Can't We Get Along
That's All I Want

Another vinyl compilation of Exiles tracks, this time from a German company, Lance/DC Records. In stunning red vinyl this 2000 release has the usual tracks included plus a couple of interesting additions.

The opening track (which I've not come across before) is a cover of the Buddy Holly classic Rave On and was apparently done as an audition for Glenn Records in 1964.

Also included are the rare tracks Can't We Get Along / That's All I Want From You taken from the 1965 single on Golden Crown (which pretty much makes it essential).

There are some brief sleeve notes on the back cover with two well known photographs - one of the original band from the Please Be Mine photo session and a picture of Merrell with slick-backed hair and his guitar.

If you want to track down a copy of this album (or a copy of the CD version) Lance/DC Records have a website at


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